Friday, September 09, 2005

Who's Playing Games?

What is up with this argument of "let's stop pointing fingers, and do what we can for the hurricane victims"? A recent post on Scott Rosenberg's blog on Salon talks about how the administration has couched the recent criticism of their handling of this disaster as a "blame game."

Ridiculous! I want to know exactly who is standing around, pointing a finger, without also doing what they can to help alleviate the suffering? What a strange image. As if to imply that you can't talk, think critically, and act at the same time. (OK, well, maybe Bush's cadre is incapable of this...that would explain why they're so fond of saying it.)

As Rosenberg says, take responsbility for this! Don't be afraid of accepting the blame! How are we supposed to learn from our mistakes, and prevent history from repeating itself?!


At 5:37 PM, Blogger Laura said...

Love that Bush administration doublespeak! (Gag!)

Hey, on a lighter note, you've been tagged, chica. The questions are on my blog!


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