Monday, November 21, 2005

Christmas slacker.

So, y'all, I feel like such a slacker because I currently have little to no plans to knit holiday presents. Whilst everyone around me in knitblogland is furiously, madly knitting away, posting pictures of their lovely FOs, I currently have half a finished sock that could, in theory, become a present. Or, in its current state, it could be a very nice wristwarmer.

So I have a wristwarmer. And a Scrap Yarn hat (see last post) that I am loathe to part with because I love it and its mine. And it sat on my head for most of the day yesterday, so who would want it after that?

But this is the thing. Let's say you went to Banana Republic to windowshop. Oh, with nothing particular in mind. You just like going in there, because you like the smell of retail. (You know what I'm talking about, especially in a place like BR. The delicate scent of silk and wool mingled with the smokier smell of new shoe leather. Smell it. Inhale. Mmmm.*)

And let's just say you strolled over to the clearance rack, and happened to spy a lovely lavender cotton sweater, with rhinestone buttons. Perfect for the holidays. And...what's that? The price tag, stickered over so many times that the small mound of stickers indicates, even from a distance, an incredible bargain....the price tag reads $14.99. FOURTEEN NINETY-NINE. Yes, you heard me. Now, not only is the sweater perfect for the holidays, but perfect for holiday GIFT GIVING. And there's three of them.

So, what if you scooped up all three and headed to the cash register, and breathed a sigh of relief, and crossed three names off your holiday list (three names that belong to people who do not read your knitblog). Does this make you a holiday knitting slacker? Does it? Or does it make you simply a smart shopper who will now use all that free time to slack off in other ways? Like reading knitblogs?

Rationalization aside, there are two very special gifts I do want to make--those for my mom and dad. And this is where I need your help and advice, dear readers. I have this lovely, dark turquoise alpaca boucle I bought back in the summer:

I decided that I would like to make a scarf/stole for my mom out of this. I have five balls, so I think I can get a generously sized scarf. But because I've never knit with boucle (except a distastrous, aborted attempt to make a hat with Bernat boucle), I'm not sure what would make a nice texture. Would cables with boucle be too fussy and/or bulky? Perhaps a nice, drapey lace pattern? I would probably just make something up based on a stitch pattern from my book of knitting stitches.

What do you guys think?

* In the spirit of full disclosure, I should admit that I once worked for BR for two years, but do not currently hold a position there and have no vested interest in making you go there immediately to shop. However, I have been brainwashed into the cult of the Gap empire, and if you've ever worked there, you know what I mean.


At 5:56 PM, Blogger Ashley said...

I have to say, one of my favorite scarves is a boucle yarn and....garter stitch. Nothin' fancy--the yarn does the work. (Hey! And it's from Banana!) That said, I'd be interested to see what happened if you tried something lacier or, un, stitchier with it. (The other thing to keep in mind with boucle, by the way, is that it is torture to rip out, at least in my experience...)

At 6:12 PM, Blogger Laura said...

I agree with Ashley, garter stitch and boucle looks really nice. You could make a triangular garter stitch scarf/shawl type thing. Although I also think that a scarf with one large cable could also look very nice.

Lots of help, aren't I? And don't feel bad, I'm not knitting Christmas gifts for anyone.

At 10:05 PM, Anonymous neighborhood laura said...

You could do broomstick lace (one normal sized needle, one gigantic needle, garter stitch). That might make it knit up a bit faster, and show a little texture at the same time.

At 3:22 AM, Blogger candsmom said...

I've never knit with boucle, either, so my giving advice would be like one BR shopper justifying her purchases to another BR shopper. ;-) I think you got an awesome deal and would've swiped them up myself, given the opportunity. And my cousin used to work for Gap, so I cracked up at your comment about the Empire. Man, it really IS a cult, from what I've heard. As long as it only involves silk and wool and no necromancers, it's all good.

At 6:26 AM, Blogger Marisa said...

All knitting aside, I too just started my Christmas shopping, though I am loathe to admit it as I hate to start all things Christmas before we get through Thanksgiving.


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