Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Amazing Lace: Challenge #2.

Well, folks, it's time for another installation of....THE AMAZING LACE. (Imagine this being said in a booming voice that echoes off the walls of your house or cubicle.)

This week, the challenge that has been issued is X-treme knitting:

You've joined this knitalong because you want to share with others your feats of endurance, agility, and occasional recklessness, so give your public one exhilarating photograph that shows yourself engaged in death-, logic-, or sanity-defying lace knitting.

Rock climbing with my Trellis Stole hanging from my utility belt, perhaps? Knitting AND zooming down the steep hills of Central Park on my Rollerblades, you think?

Heh. Not a chance. What I am about to show you is more death-, logic-, or sanity-defying than either of those challenges. Kids, don't try this at home.

Here is a mere sampling of the gauntlet I run every day as I procrastinate on all my other daily needs in order to knit. Clockwise, from top left:

The bills. They come faster than I can deal with them! Argh! It's truly a game of cunning to see what the last minute really is before they shut off your electricity.

The emails. They demand to be answered! Yikes! This is a real test of endurance. People need information, deadlines slip by, and yet I keep knitting on. Nothing will deter me from the finish line!

The dishes. Piled in the sink! A health hazard if I ever saw one. This one is easily navigated by simply averting the eyes.

The academic advisor. Uh-oh, this is a tricky one. A seemingly innocuous obstacle, he is potentially the greatest threat in this whole race. If avoided, he can grow cranky and unreasonable. You don't want this because he holds the key to your whole career, so you treat him gingerly and turn in enough work to appease him for the moment while still sneaking in a few rows on the knitting.

Thanks for tuning in for the latest episode in the Amazing Lace. Be sure to check the Amazing Lace website to see (and vote for) the finalists in challenge #1! Good luck to them!


At 12:20 PM, Blogger Ashley said...

That is one x-tremely scary computer. I haven't checked my work email in weeks and I am dreading it. Averting my eyes is doing wonders though.

At 4:41 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

The obstacles to the lace knitting... Can you surmount them! Yes you can!

At 7:44 AM, Blogger Nancy said...

WE ARE (stomp stomp) TRELL-IS!! (stomp stomp) WE ARE (stomp stomp) TRELL-IS!!(stomp stomp) WE ARE (stomp stomp) TRELL-IS!!

I went to DePaul - aka DEE-Paul (stomp stomp).

At 7:56 AM, Blogger lo said...

The solution to the grumpy advisor is:
1)Don't go to campus.
2) Knit.
3) Repeat.

Which is how I am stuck with so much revision work to do less than a week before my hard deadline for my diss, I guess.

At 3:25 PM, Anonymous amanda cathleen said...

My goodness! Those are quite some challenges to over come, you can do it! Just lock yourself in bathroom and knit : )

At 8:26 PM, Blogger Theresa said...

Great drawing!

At 8:53 PM, Blogger Wool Girl said...

Loved your post! Oh, how I can relate!


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