Thursday, July 06, 2006

Almost there.

Man! It feels like it's been a long time since I've posted any knitting progress! (Um, hi? Olga? Maybe because there hasn't been any?)

Thank you for humoring me with my Amazing Lace challenges along the way. Coming up with creative entries has been fun. Progress on the Trellis Stole, however, has sort of fallen by the wayside.

Ah, well. What can you do? It's summer, it's hot in Austin, and who wants to wrap yards of fiber around their sweaty little fingers for fun? Well. I kinda do, but knitting time has been in short supply, and sometimes I sneak in a couple of rows here and there on the Jaeger Trinity cami I'm working on, but that Trellis? What with the charts, and the slippery needles and the itty bitty lace yarn, it's seriously a jealous mistress, demanding all my attention. No 24 on DVD, no nuthin'.

I did manage to finish up the knitting on the Baby Denim Pants from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, however! I won't make this an official FO post, because they still have to go in the wash to shrink, but here are some pre-wash photos:

Right now, they seem long enough to fit a pre-schooler, but I'm hoping they will shrink enough (as Joelle Hoverson and Rowan both promise).

Love the seed stitch cuffs!

The waistband is neat, too, with the purl row making the fold nice and flat. The drawstring holes, on the other hand, are pretty much FUBAR. Hopefully, the drawstrings will detract attention from this bit of ugliness.

In other news, have y'all seen the new Knitty? Girls and boys, I am really not one to engage in public snarkiness on other people's designs (although I do heartily enjoy reading others' snark).

But really, Amy Singer? More fingerless glove patterns? Seriously? Seriously?? (I don't have anything against the fingerless glove, per se, but I do not understand why there have to be endless and infinite variations on this theme, sucking up precious pattern space in my favorite online and print knitting magazines.) And I just do not understand this and this. And sweet Jesus, in the name of everything sacred and holy, what is this?!?!

However, if you look hard enough, there are a few gems: these stunning socks from Cookie A., these unbelievably adorable booties, and the knitted calla lilies. Lilies are my favorite (with tulips running a close second), so I may be a little biased.

So, there you have it. In the now infamous words of Miranda Priestly...that is all.


At 11:51 AM, Anonymous Erin said...

I am struggling with Trellis too. I just have too much going on and it always falls to the bottom of the list.

At 11:58 AM, Blogger Nancy said...

Maybe I live to far North to understand the purpose of fingerless gloves. If it's cold enough outside to wear gloves then isn't it too cold to have bare fingers? Is there ever a time when your wrists and palms will be warm enough, but your fingers will need to be covered? And the little pants are cute! Do they have an owner yet?

At 12:02 PM, Blogger Nancy said...

I don't think I have seen an issue of knitty where I swayed so far to loving and hating the patterns with very few in the middle. The ones I like, I love and the ones I hate, I loathe.

I love the pants. I've been dying to make a pair but there is no little guy around at the moment who needs them.

At 12:46 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

I thought the new Knitty was ok. Some of the patterns are fabulous, and others...

At 3:36 PM, Blogger msubulldog said...

Can't wait to see how those pants do. I'd love to work with denim yarn, but am a little nervous about the shrinkage issue.
And I wholeheartedly agree about the Knitty issue! Oh, and I'm digging the rpm socks, too. :)

At 4:55 PM, Blogger Laura said...

Cutest baby pants ever! :)

With you on the fingerless glove thing. I do in fact like to wear them, but they are too simple to make to see pattern after pattern for them everywhere. Once you've seen one pattern, you can make all of them, ya know?

I totally love Cookie's socks though. She designs awesome socks.

At 5:40 AM, Blogger Karen said...

Hmmm, my Amazing Lace knitting has been no existant - still never re-cast Kiri. So you are doing much better compaired to me!!! Oh my, those baby pants are so adorable!!! I just love seed stitch on cuffs too!! And I'm with you on the Knitty. I was really disappointed that there wasn't a single cute top in there. I get the idea of an Accessory Theme Issue, I just don't like it. Especially when so many of them are just so weird. :)

At 5:26 AM, Blogger Legalfrugalbabe said...

Lordy! I only took a quick browse-through the new Knitty - fingerless gloves? And more fingerless gloves? Um, yeah, they're embroidered... Yawn... I'll go back to my leaf lace shawl now, thanks. I never bothered to go beyond that. Talk about a little shop of horrors. I did thoroughly enjoy GrrLeigh Knits' snark - I was laughing out loud. She's right - what is up with that fuzzy muff? Did they grab Tai Shan out of his enclosure at the National Zoo and dye him in Kool-Aid? Yikes.
Love the baby pants! When and if you get a pic of the munchkin wearing them, do post it!

At 5:48 AM, Blogger Ashley said...

The muff! WTF?? Oh, Knitty. Just because it's "original" doesn't mean it should be published. (I do like the first fingerless glove pattern, because the cable-y parts are cute, and I couldn't have been bothered to make them up myself.)

I heart the tiny pants.

Oh, and I had a breakthrough on Madli--I can watch TV with it now! Keep going. You'll get there.

At 12:29 PM, Blogger Kathy said...

I'm with you on knitty. Especially on the cap with the ?handle? (Why does one need a handle on the top of their hat? To make it easier for one's sibling or SO to pull it off when it's freezing cold outside??)

I do love Baudelaire, though.


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