Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What I did on my summer vacation.

(pier photo by Jenn)

Just got back from my Cancun vacation, y'all! Seven days of swimming, and reading, and lounging about...oh, and some knitting, too. I decided to start a new project with yarn that wouldn't be unbearable to the touch in 95 degree weather with 100% humidity, so I settled on this sweet top from the latest Vogue Knitting.
The Euroflax linen was the perfect choice; in fact, its roughness was softened up a bit by the humidity in the air. I could tell the yarn was drying out on the flight back because it got scratchier!

Anyway, I'd love to write more, but I got laid up with a nasty cold bug the day after I got back and the only thing I'm really good for right now is lying on the couch to watch Buffy and bad afternoon television programs. I missed you all, though, and maybe I'll try rousing myself later to catch up on some blog reading.

In the meantime, I made this awesome soup for myself last night. If it's not too hot where you are, you really need to try it!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Happy days.

To borrow a line from Melanie Hamilton Wilkes:

"The happiest days are when babies come."

My new niece, who wasn't supposed to be here for another month, made her way into the world on Tuesday! Her name is Clara Victoria, and although she is a tad premature, she's doing absolutely fine, as is her mom. My sister, who'd been scheduled for a c-section, went in for a routine check, and the doctors were concerned about the baby's heartbeat (which was too fast or not fast enough, I'm not entirely sure). So they decided to have her out that very day!

My mom, who flew out to California with my dad the very next day, reports that the baby has a lot of dark hair, is beautiful, and doesn't even look like a preemie. I'm pretty much jonesing hard for a picture, and will definitely hold a long grudge against my brother-in-law if he can't get me at least one little picture, soon! (ha ha! just kidding, J! I'll settle for a cell phone shot!)

Because babies don't respect schedules, especially knitting schedules, my projects are now officially late:

Story of my life. I've got to get cracking.